3-Dimensional Art/Applied Design

Judging Criteria

1. Craftsmanship 25%
2. Skill 25%
3. Originality 25%
4. Basic Design Principles 25%

Submission Requirements

1. Categories for the Applied Design award include: stained glass, woodworking, jewelry, functional ceramics, electric and other projects which exhibit craftsmanship utilizing good 3-dimensional design principles. Materials such as wood, metal, plastic, ceramic, glass, leather, fabric, etc. may be used singly or in combination.

2. The intent of this category is for 3-dimensional pieces (functional or decorative); 2-dimensional art must be submitted in the Visual Arts Category.

3. Criteria used to judge each project will be based on basic design principles (good use of line, color, balance, surface texture, proportion), as well as craftsmanship, skill and originality.

4. Size limitations: 30 pounds maximum. The project should not exceed 4’ in any dimension and it must be transportable.

5. A completed submission form must accompany the project and be attached to the back or underside of the project.

6. All projects must be screened by the school’s art department before submitting to competition.

7. Judging will be conducted by professionals in the applied design field.

8. Please plan to transport project on March 3 to Bishop Ranch.

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