Community Service & Awareness

Judging Criteria

1. Amount of responsibility assumed by student. Weight: 20%
2. Value of service to the community. Weight: 20%
3. Hours served. Weight: 20%
4. The amount of initiative exhibited by the student in organizing and/or accomplishing the service. Weight: 20%
6. Photos are included and illustrate project. Weight: 20%

Submission Requirements

1. Student must have volunteered his/her services and not have received compensation for services performed. Examples of volunteer areas and organizations include community work with recreation departments, libraries, police departments or senior citizen groups, hospital/health care agencies, religious organizations, scout groups, etc.

2. Volunteer activity must be current or retroactive to one year while attending a San Ramon Valley school.

3. Student must submit an essay (1-5 pages), a printed PowerPoint/Prezi detailing the actual service(s) performed; the reason for choosing this particular service activity; the value of this service, both to the community, and personally; any lessons learned; and examples of feedback from the organization or people who the project served.

4. Pictures must be submitted with the project.

5.  Please include a proof of service in the form of an up-to-date letter from the student volunteer’s supervisor. The letter should state the length of service, evaluation of performance, and the supervisor’s opinion of its value to the community.

6. Judging will be conducted by a panel of professionals from the community involved with volunteerism.

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