Digital Art

Judging Criteria

1. Originality, creativity and technical ability. Weight: 25%

2. Personal expression of idea, feeling or value. Weight: 25%

3. Effective use of the Elements of Art: Line, Shape, Value, Form, Color, Space and Texture. Weight: 25%

4. Demonstrates clear understanding of the Principles of Design: Emphasis, Unity, Balance, Pattern, Movement, Rhythm, and Contrast. Weight: 25%

Submission Requirements

1. A student may submit one piece of original art created with the use of a computer (color or black & white).

2. Entry should be a work completed during this school year.

3. Students will be responsible for printing their image (8”x10”or 8.5”x 11”). All printed images should be matted or mounted. Mats should be white or black.

4. The entry must be an original piece conceived and completed by the student. Students should not submit work that directly copies subject matter, style, or content of historical works, even if it is a partial copying.

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