Judging Criteria

1) 35% – Identify an engineering process, problem, or hazard. State purpose, goal and its relevance/importance
2) 15% – Describe existing conditions, knowns and assumptions
4) 30% – Document approach and design/assessment process
5) 20% – Document/demonstrate results and Conclusions

Submission Requirements: – Presentation of Engineering project or prototype, given in any form. (5 minutes)
– Q&A from the panel of judges. (2 minutes)

Submission Requirements

Identify the engineering discipline of interest: examples include—civil engineering, structural engineering, Geotechnical Engineering, environmental engineering, Water Resource Engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, etc.

1) Identify the process, problem, or hazard that your project addresses, the project goal, and its relevance/importance
2) Describe existing conditions, knowns and assumptions
3) Describe approach and design process
4) Document/demonstrate results and conclusions

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