Graphic Design

Judging Criteria

The judges should be selected from a range of graphic design professionals, marketing professionals, art teachers and laypersons.

• Design Clarity & Craftsmanship – 50%: Does the logo clearly represent the brand and stand-alone from any need for further explanation? How obvious and recognizable is the mark? Can you get a sense of what the brand it is representing stands for? Are the font choices appropriate for the logo and the brand? Would it be easy to recognize it on a store front while driving past at 40 mph? Is the design executed in a clean and professional manner?

• Design Message – 30%: How in line with the business mission statement is the mark? For example, if the business is a nonprofit that works with victims of domestic violence does the logo promote an idea of security and trustworthiness? Or, if the brand’s main emphasis is community growth and connectivity is the mark inclusive?

• Design Description – 20%: Often in logo design work the brand representatives will not have a clear vision of what that mark should be, or why it should be. It is the responsibility of the designer to be able to explain, define and sometimes defend their design. Is the applicant able to clearly explain why they created the logo that they ended up with and how it is an appropriate representation of the company? Can they justify why the colors were chosen and what the imagery is supposed to represent?

Submission Requirements

Graphic Arts Logo Project: Create a fictitious company with a mission statement, target demographic, and description of product or services rendered.

1. • Create a logo mark to represent the company brand, not a specific product.
2. • Prepare a written explanation of the logo you have created and how/why it represents the company along with usage guidelines (what colors are/should be used in the logo, what type of background should the logo be placed on, etc.).
a. The introduction to the logo should be no longer than 2 pages and include:
i. Information about the company (who they are, what they stand for, their goals, their products or services, and their target audience) that is being branded along
ii. An explanation of the logo design and ideas behind it.
b. The usage guidelines should be no less than 2 pages and no more than 10. It should include the following information with example images where applicable:
i. Logo examples in color and black & white.
ii. Colors used (PMS color codes, CMYK color codes, and color examples)
iii. Fonts used (if any) a list of appropriate fonts and faces to be used and how they are used in conjunction with the logo should also be provided.
iv. Sizing restrictions (how small is too small?)
v. Background guides (light, dark or white, is there a keyline on dark backgrounds? Do colors switch for the background?)
vi. Border limits (how close to other copy or images can the logo be?)

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