Photography – Digital

Judging Criteria

Rating System The overall rating is comprised of a set of weighted ratings for each of the below aspects:

• Composition
Weight: 15 %
• Color / Tone
Weight: 15 %
• Complexity
Weight: 15 %
• Genre-Specific Interest:
Weight: 15 %
• Genre-Specific Complexity:
Weight: 20 %
• Overall Interest / Emotional Response
Weight: 20 %

Submission Requirements

One photo per person may be submitted. The submitted photo must have been taken by the student submitting it.

Basic Requirements:
• Color photo
• 8×10 or 8×12
• Matted on 11×14 white mat board (no cardstock, poster or foam board)

Photos may be titled (optional).

Description: (Must be attached to the back of the image)
The description should be concise (maximum of 2-3 sentences) and accurate, providing the viewer the basic information needed to understand and interpret the photograph.

Descriptions may include one or more of the elements below:
• Information on how/why the photo was captured.
• A description of the subject/scene of the photo.
• Intended meaning and interpretation.

Photos may not contain any nudity or lewd, vulgar, or otherwise sensitive or offensive content that may be reasonably interpreted as such.


CROPPING: Cropping is allowed, but composing the image in-camera is always ideal.

BLACK AND WHITE PHOTOGRAPHY: Converting your color photos to black and white is acceptable.

COMPOSITE OR HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR): These shots are allowed only if the combined parts are made at the same time. Don’t submit final images where the foreground was shot at noon and the sky at sunset. If your photo is an HDR image, please indicate this in the caption.

FILTERS: We allow filters on photographs. We ask that you please include a description of how the style was achieved and which filter or technique was used in your caption. Use discretion, however, as over-processing can often make the photo look cartoonish.

WATERMARKS: Do not place any watermarks on the photo.

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