Judging Criteria

1. Creative, original product. Weight: 25%

2. Use of scientific principles. Weight: 25%

3. Written description. Weight: 25%

4. Over-all clean appearance of the project Weight: 25%

Submission Requirements

Project must be submitted in person to the designated Assistant Principal in charge of the Student Recognition Project at your high school. Judging will be conducted by a panel of professionals in the scientific fields.

1. Students may submit one project as an individual or a team of 2-4 participants. You may only submit one project for this category.

2. Create a display board of a natural phenomenon suitable for use in a high school science course or develop a functional model for an invention to solve an identified problem.

3. Each demonstration should include a set of specific and replicable directions, a clearly written discussion of the phenomena displayed and the scientific concepts and core ideas involved.

4. Submission should also include a write up which contains a logical progression of concept which connect the phenomena to the core ideas and the over-all appearance of the project.

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