Video Production

Judging Criteria

Judging Criteria: Weight
2. Time requirements met 10%
3. Appropriate for target audience 10%
4. Compositional Elements (rule of thirds, look room) 10%
5. Editing- no blank spaces between clips, pacing, 10%
6. Transitions – Correct use of transitions, fits overall theme and feel of the project 5%
7. Audio – Clear audio, dialogue and background, no offensive language allowed 5%
8. Text- Title and subtitles need to be completed with drop shadows and easily read on screen. 5%
9. Camera operation – smooth panning, tripod, smooth zooming, correct selection of wide to telephoto lenses for the film. 10%
10. Lighting – subject matter is well lit, appropriate to the tone of the film. 10%
11. Originality 30%

Submission Requirements

1. Video project must be original work.
2. Video is expected to be submitted online (Instructions will be sent to the email address provided in the application).
3. Production must be appropriate for educational setting. The entry can be disqualified if this is not followed.
4. Actual video must include written credits including name(s) of students submitting the work.

Select one of the seven following categories for participation:
PSA (Public Service Announcement)
1. Maximum of 60 seconds in duration.
2. All graphics, i.e. names, dates, titles, and credits must be included.
3. Identify target group.

1. Maximum of 30 seconds in duration.
2. Feature the sale of any product (e.g. car, invention, etc.) or promotion of event, show, etc.
3. Identify target group.

Documentary / Presentation / Instructional
1. Maximum 10 minutes in duration.
2. Express any theme or program, e.g. seat belt safety.
3. Identify target group.

Music Video
1. Maximum 10 minutes in duration.
2. Feature is vocal or instrumental.
3. Can use existing music.
4. Identify target group.

1. Maximum 10 minutes in duration.
2. Express any area of entertainment, e.g. drama, comedy, mystery, adventure, animation.
3.Identify target group

1. Maximum 5 minutes in duration
2. Features a personalized view into and/or participation in a recreational sport or activity
3.Identify target group

News Story
1. Maximum 1 minute and 30 seconds in duration
2. Demonstrates strong storytelling ability
3. Uses clear, concise, and conversational news writing
4. Package should include B-roll, a reporter stand-up, interviews, and natural sound
5.Identify target group

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