Visual Arts – Color

Judging Criteria

Judging Rubric and Categories:

High level of mastery-
1. Work is Sophisticated and purposeful.
2. Evidence of knowledge and application of the Elements and Principles are evident in the final piece.
3. This impact of this artwork is memorable and unique.
4. Conveys a sophisticated meaning with clear individuality and originality.
5. Materials are used extremely well and technique is excellent.

Strong level of mastery-
1. Attempt at sophisticated and purposeful work
2. Some evidence of knowledge and application of the Elements and Principles are evident in the final piece.
3. Final artwork lacks the memorable, “wow factor”
4. Conveys a clear meaning/
5. intent and originality, personal voice is strong.
6. Materials are used well and technique is strong.

Moderate level of mastery-
1. Organized plan and piece. Good Composition, but the finished piece is not as dynamic as it could be.
2. Attempt at organization, although plan and piece lack overall strength and cohesion.
3. Trite or awkward use of the Elements and Principles. 70% of the objectives are met.
4. Meaning is implied but may be visually lost, minimal personal voice.
5. Use of materials is limited and technique is underdeveloped.

Low level of mastery-
1. No attempt to organize and the project is incomplete.
2. Plagiarized, copied from another source.
3. Disqualification
4. Lack of knowledge of materials and techniques is not attempted.

Submission Requirements

1. A student may submit one piece of original art.

2. Entry should be a work completed during this academic school year.

3. The entry must include a written artist statement securely fastened to the back of the project.

4. Project must be suitably matted or mounted on quality board. (Clean, well-cut mats or mounted on sturdy board). Works drawn or painted on binder paper or torn paper, will not be accepted.
Soft pastels and charcoal pieces may be framed for protection.
Works must be sprayed as appropriate to the medium to protect the work and the work of others.

5.  Students should not submit works that directly copy subject matter, style, or content of historical works, even if it is a partial copying. Submit original work!

6. Submission slip should be completed and securely fastened to the back of the artwork.

7. All projects must be screened and approved by the school’s Visual Art Department before submitting to competition. Artworks not meeting the criteria will be disqualified for submission.

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