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Mission Statement:

In partnership with the San Ramon Valley business and arts community, the Student Recognition Project encourages students to gain 21st century skills and knowledge through projects that inspire creative exploration and learning that extends beyond high school and into college and careers.



The Student Recognition Project is an opportunity to recognize hundreds of high school students in the San Ramon Valley Unified School District for project-based learning with a unique community twist! The students compete in 25 categories that showcase their skills both within and outside the curriculum. Project judging is done by professionals with extensive expertise in the various categories. The program is coordinated by  volunteer San Ramon Valley community members and the San Ramon Valley Unified School District. The purpose of the program is to create collaboration among students, educators and the business community in the San Ramon Valley, to promote educational excellence and to prepare students for the business world of the 21st century.


Student Recognition Project Committee Members

Lynn Ashley

Nicole Blazin

Marija Bleier

Kim Brown

Jeff Bruno

Barbara Burg

Mary Chestnut

Erin Cicatelli

Sarah Cranford

Steve Dick

Dianne Ehlers

Jeff Eorio

Elizabeth Graswich

Rachel Hurd

Meaghan Krakoff

Beverly Kumar

Tom Ladouceur

Shirley Lapp

Gayle Larson

Aparna Madireddi

Kathy Moore

Elaine Schroth

Rumi Varma

Anna Win


Student Recognition Project School Administrators

Kathleen Martins, California High School

Kellie Hoover, Dougherty Valley High School

Cheryl Di Grazia, Monte Vista High School

Megan Keefer, San Ramon Valley High School

Jon Sawyer, Del Amigo High School

Alissa Kruse, Venture School