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Bill Pence

Bill Pence was a Life Sciences instructor at California High School in San Ramon from 1976-2009. After having taught for 10 years, Bill took a two year leave from the district to attain his Master’s Degree in Marine Biology. It is during this time where he had the unique opportunity to be this nation’s only K-12 instructor to become a United States Aquanaut, living and doing research under the sea for 7 days while living in the underwater habitat of the U.S. Hydrolab. In 1994, two students under Bill Pence’s guidance, gained international recognition in the media for their discovery of the location of 3 cancer-causing genes, appearing on NBC Nightly News, CNN World News, the Today Show with Katie Couric and Matt Lauer, and in numerous newspapers and magazines.   Bill’s philosophy of teaching has always been to provide students with the science tools reflective of the current technology and with educational experiences beyond the walls of the classroom. In 1998, he was awarded Teacher of the Year for the San Ramon Valley Unified School District and the Contra Costa County Teacher of the Year. In 1999, he was recognized as California’s National State Teacher of the Year where he was flown to Washington DC to meet President Bill Clinton. Bill has been retired from teaching since 2009. He has received State Fair honors for his winemaking (& brewing), Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Best in Class at the 2015 State Fair. He currently is a consultant in science education for the Alameda County Office of Education.

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