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Katie Roland Allen

Prior to taking time “off” to stay home with her young children, Katie served as the Managing Director for the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia and (simultaneously) as the President of it’s support foundation, In Medias Res.  Katie also served as the Senior Director of Marketing and Communications for the humanitarian aid organization, World Vision, where one of her responsibilities included traveling around the globe to help raise awareness and resources for people affected by natural disasters and the AIDS pandemic.  Prior to that, Katie helped the Department of Defense raise awareness about its Military One Source program so military members and their families could benefit from its financial, medical, and counseling resources.

Katie has served as a trustee for The Trinity Forum Academy and has volunteered with CityTeam Ministries.  In high school, she helped start a summer tennis program at her local Olivet Boys and Girls Club in Reading, PA.  Katie earned her BA in Marketing and Psychology from Bucknell University and her Master’s in Communications from Johns Hopkins University.  She is an Elder at Community Presbyterian Church in Danville.

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Company Name : Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia
Job Title : Former Managing Director
Judging Category(s) : Community Service
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