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Martin Silverman

Martin J Silverman attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York City.  He then acted in several off-Broadway productions; credits include Harry Roat, Jr. in Wait Until Dark, Ralph Bates in Period of Adjustment, and Doug Roberts in Mister Roberts.  He also directed studio scenes and wrote several scripts for proposed TV projects.  He then became an attorney and practiced law in a 30 year career.  During that time he also wrote, directed and acted in several one act musical comedy parodies in the Washington, DC area.  He says: “My theatre training was the best preparation I could get for being a lawyer, because in both professions you get up in front of a room full of strangers, and through the sheer force of your personality, you persuade them to agree with you.”  Now retired, Martin serves as Marketing Director for The Role Players Ensemble Theatre in Danville.  He directs the Member Speaker Series at Crow Canyon Country Club.  He coaches local business people to improve their speaking presentation skills.  Since 2010, Martin and his wife Ellie, a watercolor artist and Ikebana Japanese floral designer, have been living happily ever after in Danville.

Company Name : Role Players Ensemble
Job Title : Marketing Director
Judging Category(s) : Drama
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