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Sean Baker

Sean’s multidisciplinary expertise enables him to provide creative leadership on a wide range of assignments. He’s just as comfortable with identity programs as he is with packaging, while an expert in retail merchandising and environmental design.

After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from San Diego State University, Sean started his career working as a Graphic Artist for Aldus Corporation. His next job was at Jostens Learning Company, where he helped develop the graphic user interface for educational software. Next, Sean accepted a position as Senior Designer at a boutique photography and design studio in San Diego, where he worked on corporate imagery and an array of advertising collateral and packaging projects. After moving to San Jose, Sean started working at Muccino Design Group, where he worked on retail branding, tradeshow environments and museum exhibit assignments. He quickly developed a passion for environmental branding work, and discovered his natural talent for creating engaging physical branded experiences. When Muccino Design Group was sold to Full Moon Interactive, Sean started working on web and online projects, and developed highly interactive digital branding work. When Liquid was started, Liquid’s founders asked him to join their new firm as Design Director, and later was promoted to Creative Director.

Sean has had the opportunity to manage highly strategic and comprehensive branding programs for Cisco, Intel, HP, Microsoft, Intuit, Sony, Playstation, T-Mobile, Visa, Ask, Plantronics, and Logitech. Sean has been a featured speaker for the International Interior Design Association, presenting online workflow procedures and best practices in the design community.

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Company Name :
Job Title : Creative Director
Judging Category(s) : Graphic Design
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